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J. Mills Tuning



A "Specialty Vehicle" can be defined as any vehicle that exists outside the norm of a standard or "stock" factory production vehicle. That would include any modified, customized, assembled kit, antique or hi-performance vehicle. It also includes any vehicle that has been parked or stored up for an extended period of time. This policy applies to vehicles that are more than fifteen (15) years old, as well as custom vehicles that have been modified for performance upgrades . Although many, if not most, repair shops tend to shy away from such vehicles, we at J.Mills Tuning take pride in the fact that we have technicians with the skill and ability to provide service for "Specialty Vehicles" and for our customers that own and modify them.

This commitment does present a variety of unique conditions, mainly the unpredictability associated with repairing this special class of vehicles. As many of them are of age to where current technology is inapplicable and parts availability is unpredictable, most of these vehicles are modified in such a manner that conventional approaches to repairs are not effective. Accurately estimating the final costs and times of repairs or upgrades have become virtually impossible. In cases where extended periods of storage or "non-usage" are indicated, the encountered difficulty in even the simplest of tasks may become exaggerated. Frozen, rusted, worn and seized parts all contribute to the inability to predict completion times and cost of labor. Also, the availability of replacement parts can cause issues. We need you as the customer to understand this.

In many cases, circumstances dictate that we must provide priority attention to vehicles, which serve as primary transportation for our customers. "Specialty Vehicles" typically don't meet these criterias and cannot take precedence over the immediate needs of our everyday customers.

With these considerations in mind, we want you to understand that WE CANNOT PROMISE TO MEET ANY SPECIFIC BUDGET OR TIMELINES WHEN PERFORMING SERVICE ON YOUR "SPECIALTY VEHICLE". We DO promise to perform any repairs in a proper manner, and we will charge only for the necessary time and materials required for the appropriate repairs or upgrades as requested.

Every "Specialty Vehicle" will have a estimate made up for the repairs or the upgrades that are needed/wanted. The estimate will be sent to the customer before any parts are purchased or before any labor is performed. The customer will have to "okay" the estimate before we agree to move forward with purchasing any parts or performing any labor task. On estimates where the cost of parts are expected to exceed $350.00, we will require that all parts are paid for in advance. In situations where the cost of labor fees are expected to be in excess of $2,000.00, we will also require that an initial deposit of 50% is made upfront to go towards the estimated labor cost. This assures us that you will not leave the vehicle uncalled for after our job is done and complete (it happens). Any deposit made will be put towards you're final invoice. Once the vehicle or job is complete you have a reasonable amount of time (10 days) to finish paying the invoice off in full. If the invoice goes unpaid for up to 10 days or more, then a storage fee of $30.00 per day will be charged to you commencing on the 11th day.

I, the undersigned, have read and understand the above agreement and approve the conditions as set forth therein:

Customer Signature