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J. Mills Tuning


Injector Cleaning & Diagnostics: 

Not sure if that injector is really bad or not? Don't guess, send them in and we can perform a diagnostics test and restore them to like new condition with our Ultrasonic cleaner.

Our injector service's consist of the following....

-Spray Pattern Testing & Evaluation: Visually monitor/ evaluate spray patterns & accurately measure injector delivery to correctly diagnose the condition & performance of the injectors.

-Injection Flow & Volume Test: Measure & compare the volume & flow of each injector via graduated cylinders. Match injectors for peak performance.

-Auto Test: Computerized test sequence utilizing variable RPM and Pulse width to simulate true conditions (Acceleration, Deceleration & Idle phases).

-Ultrasonic Cleaning: Injectors are pulsed during the Ultrasonic cleaning process removing all carbon deposits, rust and contaminates.

-Injector Leak Down Test: Test and verify leaky injectors under operating pressure. Visually check for dribble.

-Injector “Reverse Flush” Cleaning: Completely back flush injectors, removing any internal contaminates while cleaning screens & baskets on top feed injectors.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Cost?

The cost is currently $20.00 per injector cleaned plus the price of shipping them to us. This is a very competitive price for fuel injector cleaning. Plus if you are not local to us we do offer free standard return shipping in the continental United States and there are faster shipping methods that can be arranged for an additional cost. How do you go about having us flow or service your injectors? Simply contact us via phone or email and we will get you squared away.