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J. Mills Tuning


Dyno Waiver

J.Mills Tuning LLC



Testing or tuning your vehicle on our DynoJet Dynometer will push your vehicle to it's mechanical limits. You (the undersigned customer) assume all risks and liabilities associated with testing and tuning your vehicle to it's mechanical limits. J.Mills Tuning can not guarantee that your engine, power train, or complete car will be capable of handling the stresses incurred without the potential for costly failure(s). Under no circumstances will J.Mills Tuning be liable for ANY damages to your engine, power train, or any part of the vehicle incurred during or after your vehicle is tested or tuned on our DynoJet Chassis Dynometer. If any part on your vehicle (including but not limited to engine, turbos, intake system, exhaust system, transmission, drive line, differential, or tires) fail during or after dyno testing or tuning, J.Mills Tuning is in no way responsible for the repair or replacement of the failed part(s).

If your car has an expensive catastrophic failure during dyno testing or tuning and you have an outstanding balance with J.Mills Tuning for parts or services rendered before the dyno testing or tuning, you will still owe J.Mills Tuning in full (including the cost of dyno testing/tuning).

If we strap your vehicle down and begin the dyno test or tune, then find that your vehicle is not mechanically sound and it becomes necessary to pull your vehicle off of the dyno to diagnose and repair problems, there will be costs associated with the work that has already been performed. Even if that task was as simple as strapping the vehicle down. If we have to stop the dyno test or tune due to issue's the customer will be informed before any issue's are resolved. Diagnostics and repairs will increase your final invoice cost. If you agree to any diagnostics or repairs you are responsible for any additional cost associated with parts, chemicals, lubricants, hardware, components and/or services required to successfully complete the dyno session.

Diagnostics, repairs and parts are not included in the dyno test or tune price. Any vehicle on the chassis dyno that is in need of repair or modification to complete a successful tuning session will be subject to an additional charge of $120/hour (standard labor rate) to correct the problem(s) before dyno testing or tuning can commence or resume. This charge is in addition to the charge for dyno time.

If you are not confident that your vehicle is ready to be put on the dyno, J.Mills Tuning can inspect the car, and perform the accepted checks and inspections at our regular labor rate. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEMS OR FAILURES ONCE YOUR CAR IS ON THE DYNO. There are issue's that might arise that we cannot reasonably see or anticipate through a brief inspection. You are also welcome to visit our website ( to read through our dyno tuning checklist. This checklist can help you determine if your vehicle is dyno test or tune ready.

Please initial below. Your initials serve as acknowledgment that you have read, understand and accept the terms stated


________ I decline the inspection. My car is ready to be dyno tuned.

________ My car will need to be inspected. I agree to the inspection costs at a labor rate of $120.00 an hour.

I hereby acknowledge that I am aware of the potential risks involved with dyno testing / tuning and that I waive any

and all claims against J.Mills Tuning for ANY damage(s) to my vehicle as a result thereof. By signing this disclaimer, I acknowledge and agree that I solely accept the risks, liabilities, and potential expense of pushing my car to it's mechanical limits.



Vehicle Year, Make, Model_______________________________

Turbo, N/A, Nitrous_________________

Desired REV Limit___________________